Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September all over again!

It's my first September post and I'd like to devote it one of the greatest artists of Sweden - September and I have a reason for it, I'd say whole bunch of reasons!
Very soon Swedish dancing queen Petra "September" Marklund is gonna break a pause that she took after completely crazy period starting from her international breakthrough with single "Satellites" in 2006. After this she has managed to release her third fantastic album "Dancing Shoes", to make her biggest world-wide blast with single "Cry For You", to release multiple compilations of her hits around the world and to bring loads of gigs and appearances almost everywhere.
This October Petra is back with brand new single! But besides it we're gonna get Petra on TV in new show on TV4 where she should live together with another musicians - Petter, Christer Sandelin, Barbro "Lill-Babs" Svensson, Tomas Di Leva, Per "Plura" Jonsson, Lasse Berghagen around week and make some covers for hits of each other, Petra has already chosen songs and promises to show completely new side of September. Season will include around 8 episodes, it will be shot in September and shown approximately in October. And this is not the last news. Petra has become model of cosmetics company FACE Stockholm and you can already see a banner with her above. What a gorgeous look, isn't it?
It's actually great that Petra's coming back to Sweden and we have a chance to see her in some local events and shows, if you didn't see her performance in last season of Så Ska Det Låta you can do it right now, it's really joyful!

September - Bleeding Love
September - Mad About The Boy
September - Rehab
September - Visa Vid Vindens Ängar

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Olivier said...

Aaaah Petra <3

You know I just can't wait for her to comeback. And now that I know it's coming in only one month, I'm so excited!
Good to see she'll be on swedish television. A good promotion to begin this new era :D

sinofmyown said...

This blog is FANTASTIC! Congratulations! =)

Anonymous said...

I will die without her...

Damian said...

I'm getting more and more excited too Olivier! Petra gave us so much before but didn't so long, now she's obviously gonna compensate these 3 years, not only she but brothers Von Der Burg who seems like released only Ferro's single this year. How is it possible?

Thanx so much, sinofmyown!

You shouldn't Anonymous, Petra feels fine and ready to fill your life with some more of her amazing music :)

Paul said...

I'm ready for some new September music though wouldn't it have been much more exciting if she had released it in September?!

Damian said...

That's true but after such a long break probably such a close release of Petra would make me excited in any season :)