Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday - The Coffee Song

Hit factory Roxy Recordings gives birth to fresh artist Tuesday with hard support not less than legendary Jörgen Elofsson! Before you could see Karolina Dahlman who hides under this name in a girls-band Lucy Street that released successful single "Girl Next Door" 10 years ago. Demand for Lucy Street was really huge and already since that time collaboration of Karolina and Jörgen has started. Band released album and soon after one of members decided to leave Lucy Street's career was over as the rest of the band denied to continue with new members. Sure Karolina wasn't sitting all this time apart from music business and trying after Lucy Street another project Syko she turned to songwriting for other artists and herself. All this time she kept contact with Jörgen and finally we've got result of their collaboration in new single.
"The Coffee Song" is the loveliest piece of summer guitar pop with amazing tune and positive relaxing vibes helping you to keep memories of gone warm season. Further new stuff is on the way, Karolina doesn't build plans about forthcoming album but sure if Roxy starts working with artist it means huge star is coming - year ago we've got Eric Saade and two years ago Erik Hassle this way.

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