Thursday, September 23, 2010

Night of schlager-mashups

Usually I'm not that big fan of mashups but I should undoubtfully share with you what I've found today! About year ago schlager-community have got ultra-tasty mash-up of Charlotte Perrelli's "Hero" and Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" from DJ King Rollo and today I've discovered another few melo-mixes on his youtube channel. I wonder how perfectly suits EMD's "Baby Goodbye" Briney's "If U Seek Amy" and I've got a biiiig smile listening Kelly Clarkson with a low base singing "Sice U Been Gone" along with Sanna Nielsen's "Empty Room" instrumental. But my prize goes to mashup of Lady Gaga's "Love Game" with Velvet's classsics - "Mi Amore", pure brilliance of "Mi Amore"'s arrangement makes Gaga's hit completely epic! All the mixed songs were written by Swedes so maybe that's why amazingness can't work bad with amazingness?
Oh, and another mix I'd like to show you is old good "Hero" mixed with Timbaland's "The Way I Are". Probably you've heard it before but still it's brilliant!

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Poster Girl said...

Some of these work much better than I would have expected--interesting "what if"s if the songs had met in the studio in their development stage and been completely and totally cohesively combined.

I still can't believe how well "Hero" and "Poker Face" work together and the "Hero"/"The Way I Are" mashup is new to me and once again reallly good--proof of how great "Hero" is, I guess!

Damian said...

It's just impossible to spoil perfectness of Hero, but Hero+Poker Face is real masterpiece and I've been playing Mi Amore+Love Game whole evening, very talented works :)

Hahnstudios said...

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