Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mohombi ft. Nelly - Miss Me

This year has given us two Swedish new artists working with RedOne - Love Generation and Mohombi. It wasn't really easy for them to get love of Swedish audience but finally Mohombi's Summer single "Bumby Ride" reached Top-10 and has gone internationally being played around Europe whole season. So now time for new single has come and Mohombi gets support of Nelly on a new single "Miss Me" that's gonna be released on October 31st in UK. "Miss Me" is more calm and gentle r'n'b song, radio friendly, catchy and having amazing dance insert in the middle eight. Does it sound like international hit? Absolutely! You can already watch the video for this song, it's a party high quality video made obviously by proffs and again you can see a lot of nice choreography that I really like when it's perfectly done by such a tall guy like Mohombi (don't know why but I find this combination really impressive). So enjoy next huge export hit from Sweden!

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