Friday, September 17, 2010

New Ola's album is released!!!

One of the most anticapated Swedish pop-releases of the years has arrived and you can already listen all songs from Ola's album "Ola" released on his own new label Oliniha below.
Range of different styles and directions explored by Ola's is impressive and execution is very high, you can see some very respectable names in songwriters list - Tony Nilsson, Alexander Kronlund, Dimitri Stassos, Linda Sundblad, Sharon Vaughn, Per Aldeheim, Ali Payami and many others. Ola has co-written all songs.

Let's check what's this disc is made of right now!!! Album starts from one of the best pieces "All Over The World" - Ola's version of Agnes' "Release Me" and Alcazar's "Headlines", amazing example of how great can strings and dance music work together. "Unstoppable (The Return of Natalie)" is another already well-known track that became #1 hit this Spring, Alexander Kronlund worked before on Britney's "If U Seek Amy" and you can hear it in this track but with much more power, energy and expression. "You're That Girl (YTG)" is previously unheard track that was co-written with Linda Sundblad and it turns album to completely new direction, clapping verses with morning in the city mood and light retro touch, very charming positive track. And here comes "Riot" (I guess my favorite on this album) - modern pop-track with electrified arrangement and computerized vocals and perfect pop-tune with double chorus that's gonna drive any pop-fan crazy. "Overdrive" turned to be another #1 single of Ola but later - this Summer, it's warm nice guitar pop track that you easily start to sing along with. "Beautiful Rain" is another modern-pop track with gorgeous arrangement perfectly mixing guitars, electro-synths and hard beats, built by perfect pop-principles, double chorus with repetitive finish and tasty middle eight. Ola doesn't slow down temp with "Busy Doing Nothing" - catchy midtempo-track with attitude and nice twist in melody easily falling into your memory. "Still Remember" was released a bit earlier this year, nicely produced, emotional but not depressive ballad that you could expect to hear on Darin's album but Ola makes it on his own. "Let It Hit You" is comeback to midtempo with tasty beats and computerized vocals, probably not hit but as not single track quite nice. Album's finishing with the most beautiful and touching ballad "Twisted Memories", Sharon Vaughn is real expert in writing very emotional ballads with torn feelings and eyes full of tears so it's gonna be amazing point of her discography and perfect finish of Ola's album.
In his recent interview to scandipop Ola revealed that after international success of "All Over The World" he's gonna make it next single and actually they plan to make four more singles. Impressive for just 10-tracks albums but there's really great tracklist to choose. What would you choose as new singles? If "All Over The World" is already planned for release I would prefer specially revamped "Twisted Memories" closer to Christmas, "Riot" next Spring and "Y.T.G." as Summer single.
Also check Scandinavian version of "Camp Rock 2" soundtrack that Ola recently recorded with Mohammed Ali and Endre Nordvik.

1 All Over The World (Alexander Kronlund, Ola Svensson, Tony Nilsson, Mirja Breitholz)
2 Unstoppable (The Return of Natalie) (Alexander Kronlund, Dimitri Stassos, Hanif Sabzevari, Ola Svensson)
3 You're That Girl (YTG) (Alexander Kronlund, Linda Sundblad, Ola Svensson, Lukas Hilbert)
4 Riot (Gavin Jones, Ola Svensson, Tony Nilsson)
5 Overdrive (Sharon Vaughn, Dimitri Stassos, Ola Svensson, Mikaela Stenström)
6 Beautiful Rain (Alexander Kronlund, Ola Svensson)
7 Busy Doing Nothing (Per Aldeheim, Ola Svensson, Tommy Ljungberg)
8 Still Remember (Alexander Kronlund, Ola Svensson, Ali Payami)
9 Let It Hit You (Alexander Kronlund, Timothie McKenzie, Ola Svensson)
10 Twisted Memories (Per Aldeheim, Sharon Vaughn, Ola Svensson, Tommy Ljungberg)

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Paul said...

And it's so very good indeed. One of the most fun Swedish pop albums this year - up there with Darin and Eric :) Sigh. Riot is amazing.

JP.M said...

Hello Swedish friends, I still and always teaches me about the artists of your country.
This group is young, it is the novelty, I liked it.
Sorry but for now, I am not able to take care of the future of French blog Fibes Fibes oh.
So, see you soon and good Sunday to all, jpaul.

-- said...

Kolla in bloggen,
har en tävling på den just nu!