Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Straight Frank - Mary

I'd really like to tell you about one of my favorite songs already very long time.
Probably not many of you heard about band Straight Frank but I bet you know the song "I'm Stupid" that became huge international hit of another Swedish band Prime STH already 10 years ago. After it Primes released two absolutely genial albums, have toured around the world and then unexpectedly stopped what started so fine deciding to take a pause in a search of new ways of development of their direction. Since that vocalist Noa Modén completely lost out of the music business highlights but another piece of Prime STH - drummer Kasper "Kaz" Lindgren otherwise didn't want to stop creative process and soon we've seen him in credits to albums of Ana Johnsson, Dead By April, Stanfour, Elena Paparizou and many others. In parallel to it Kasper has got two own projects - original indie-project Beware Of The Boo and rock-band Straight Frank sounding in best traditions of Audioslave. Quite long time Straight Frank stayed in a shadow but few days ago we've got news that band is ready with EP and the album in November, you can find some of their music stuff full of drive, sometimes impulsive, sometimes agressive, but always tuneful and well-produced on their Myspace and Facebook page. My personal favorite is "Mary" - thoughtful beautiful rock-song with anthemic chorus and very special vocal of Tobias Gustavsson (by the way another successful songwriter (Sarah Dawn Finer, Martin Stenmarck, EMD, Danny)).

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