Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Before Dansbandskampen-2010

Since October 16th you'll get ability to watch new season of SVT show Dansbandskampen (hosted by Christine Meltzer, Thomas Deutgen and Gunhild Carling) - contest where dansband groups will fight every week to get into the final. Many contestants of two previous seasons Larz-Kristerz, The Playtones, Scotts, Zekes have become really succesful afterwards and public has got tons of lovely dansband-covers for some favorite hits. That's what we're looking from new Dansbandskampen season. It wasn't difficult to mention some familiar names among new contestants like Rigo & the Topaz Sound (after Melodifestivalen-2009 Rigo participated this year almost in every show so but see him in dansband-competioт was really big surprise!) and Wizex (band where Kikki Danielsson and Charlotte Perrelli has started their music career). But mostly I'm excited about participance of amazing CC & Lee who already participated in the first season but haven't won! Before start of the show Lionheart releases singles of their artists CC & Lee, Patrik's Combo and Elisa's, all are nice, but CC & Lee's single "Better Best Forgotten" sounds completely loveable due to only chorus. I'd say it's more old-school Abbaesque disco-schlager than dansband, beautiful, catchy and done in best traditions of classic Swedish pop.

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