Saturday, September 4, 2010

StoneBridge & Tamara - Trip'en

Don't have idea how I've missed this June release but it's really proper track for Saturday night.
Stonebridge's mixes appeared this year on some really huge releases of world scale artists like Alexandra Burke's "Start Without You", Taio Cruz's "Dynamite", Locnville's "Sun In My Pocket", #1 Billboard Hot Dance hit Yoko Ono's "Give Me Something", etc. As well you can see on his site information that he has worked on productions for September and 98 Degrees.
However StoneBridge doesn't stop to promote his own material and follow-up of amazing "The Morning After" released earlier this year is "Trip'en" recorded in collaboration with Tamara Dey from Flash Republic, it's pretty high-level dancefloor anthem with monstrous base, hard rhythm and all attitude of Tamara's voice. It's poppy enough to be played on the radio and it's dance enough to get on any dancefloor, so here it is, another hit from StoneBridge!

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