Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Linda Varg and Chris Andersen are the first finalists of Idol-2010

Every day of this week we'll be watching performances of 24 finally selected Idol-candidates who were grouped and public will be voting for them choosing one girl and one guy who will get to the final stage (when every of 12 participants will be leaving every week). So every of four days public will choose 2 finalists and jury will select 4 wildcards. The most successful wildcard of previous season was Reza Ningtyas Lindh who reached 5th place so it's definitely good that jury has a chance to help audience to listen more of some artists. And another interesting fact is that year before Clara Hagman has left out right on this phase of contest and being noticed got her place in new Ace Of Base so even if someone's going out at this point it doesn't mean we'll never see these artists again.
Last week jury has left a chance to both Jamilla Idris and Madeleine Finck-Björgen to get through to the contest if audience will prefer one of them by voting through weekend and people chose Madeleine (though Madeleine is the sweetest person in the world I think it's a shame Jamilla has gone as artist with one of the biggest commercial potential) but later it went not so good for Madeleine and she was left out of qualification border along with Janine Nyman, Jonathan Garcés and Sebastian Krantz (finalist of Talang-2008).
Two who got their tickets were Chris Andersen - simple but charming country-guy working very well with cameras and providing quite stable vocals and happy performance with his version of "Somebody like you" by Keith Urban and tough rock-girl Linda Varg (who participated in 2002 in another popular TV4 talant-show Popstars and was taken to the band Supernatural afterwards - band has made hit #1 "Supernatural" and album "Dreamcatcher" #1 and split out (male part organized band NEXX later)). Linda performed completely breathtaking acoustic version of U2's "With or without you" that I guess hasn't left anyone doubts that she will win this evening and she did it!

Chris Andersen - Somebody like you (Keith Urban)
Linda Varg - With or without you (U2)
Janine Nyman - Nobody's wife (Anouk)
Sebastian Krantz - If its all I ever do (Anders Johansson)
Madeleine Finck-Björgen - Everywhere (Michelle Branch)
Jonathan Garces - The worlds greatest (R. Kelly)
Whole pre-final episode #1

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Paul said...

I think the live shows are where I'm really going to start watching Swedish Idol so I'm relying on you to keep me up to date :)

Damian said...

Auditions were honestly not amazing this year Paul so you haven't missed a lot, live shows are exactly what you should start from.