Friday, September 10, 2010

Some exciting Autumn pop-releases

Autumn has just started and we've already got whole bunch of planned exciting album-releases, I should collect all of them in one post.
- Magnus Carlsson's new album "Pop Galaxy" will be released already on September 22th but before we'll get another single "The Best In Me".
- It's just few days till new Ola's album "Ola" (September 15th).
- Erik Hassle's EP with 4 new songs is planned for the end of September.
- Nanne Grönvall's album "En Rastlös Själ" is ready to hit shops on October 6th.
- After 6 years Stephen Simmonds releases new album "Anomie" in October.
- Jennie Berggren's album "My Story" release was moved to October 13th.
- A little bit earlier Ace Of Base will release album "The Golden Ratio" on September 24th with first single "All For You" planned to be released already today.
- Caroline af Ugglas after huge success of previous year is back with new album planned for September 22th publishing as well book "Hjälp, vem är jag?" (Help, who am I?)
- EMD's album "Rewind" release was firstly carried from August 25th to the end of October but now you can find its release in some shops marked with December 31th.
- Albums from Linda Pritchard, Titiyo, Tove Styrke, Lisa Miskovsky, Love Generation, second EP from Gravitonas and Christmas album from Måns Zelmerlöw are to be expected.
- Sanna Nielsen's just released her last single "Part Of Me" and ready for new release of Christmas album with Shirley Clamp and Sonja Aldén, this time due to title "Vår Jul" (translation of English title of previous album "Our Christmas" that obviously says tracklist won't be different in common) it's gonna be in Swedish.
- Amy Diamond after 5 studio-albums is ready for compilation "Greatest Hits" that will be out on November 3rd.
Not enough to be excited? It's alright, it's just the first days of Autumn ;)

6 коммент.:

Mexx said...

You forgot one very important for all girl.. She is your relative..

Damian said...

Haha, no, I didn't forget, we just don't have any real plans about her album :)

Paul said...

yes to magnus, yes to Ola but OH MY GOD a Christmas album from Mans? HEAVENLY! God i adore him :)

Damian said...

I'd better get new studio album from him but still it's great Måns is giving us new releases but hope it won't mean will need to wait 2 years for next one.

Poster Girl said...

Great post! There are a lot of these I'm looking forward to, some of which I hadn't heard of until now.

Damian said...

Imagine we're gonna get these and some which we don't know about yet already so soon PG! Autumn is always rich for music releases.