Thursday, September 9, 2010

Le Kid - We Should Go Home Together

Le Kid does it again driving pop-blogging world crazy today with their new masterpiece "We Should Go Home Together"!
It's not the first time though. Year ago we've got a first sneak-peak of new amazing Swedish pop-project - team of songwriters working before with real pop-elite of Sweden (Alcazar, Velvet, Agnes, BWO, Magnus Carlsson, Eric Saade, Lovestoned). Debut single "Mercy Mercy" turned to be fantastic composition of beautiful catchy pop-tune, retro-feeling and tasty production. More synth and modern-sounding but still poppy and anthemic "Telephone" was clear proof that international pop-community has got something really outstanding - project born in a purest Swedish pop-waters that felt free to swim as far as it was needed and be brave enough to make any experiments without fear to be not understood as people behind these experiments has already proved their skills and experience many times before.
After this active year of promotion of their stuff in Sweden and Denmark Le Kid is ready for a new single "We Should Go Home Together" - amazing example of Scandinavian pop grown on crazy steroids of 80s music and modern arrangement. You shoudn't check it if you don't fall in love with Le Kid right now!

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