Monday, August 1, 2011

Mohombi - The World Is Dancing

Fresh Mohombi's leak has arrived and it's as good as you could expect.
After debut Mohombi's album was released we've already got his stunning "In Your Bed" cover, duo with Les Jumo "Sexy", another duo with Stella Mwangi "Hula Hoop" and the latest one - collaboration with Pitbull and Nayer "Suavemente", everything's absolutely worthy to listen and making us thinking about next album to come very soon.
New track "The World Is Dancing" sounds like Mohombi's own "Waka Waka", it's cheerfull, dancey, summerish and sounds like a sport anthem, still it's Mohombi in every sound and we absolutely love this fact.
Below you can check all the newest Mohombi's sounds.

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