Monday, August 22, 2011

Nina Persson and Helena Josefsson in Dolly Parton tribute-band Dollykollot

In the middle of 00s The Cardigans' Nina Persson and music producer Gudrun Hauksdottir have decided to create a band for a big Dolly Parton tribute concert as one-time event.
Unexpected success has pushed this new country-band Dollykollot consisting of Nina Persson, Cecilia Nordlund, Lotta Wenglén, Helena Josefsson and Gudrun Hauksdottir to arrange more gigs around Sweden and perform on different festivals.
This spring Swedes could watch documentary about Dollykollot "Jag är min egen Dolly Parton" in cinema and now it's out on DVD with a compilation "Dollykollot" that you can check here and watch girls' performance in Skavlan earlier this year.

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