Sunday, August 28, 2011

Linnea Henriksson - Väldigt kär/Obegripligt ensam

Oh my God!!! We're so incredibly excited to announce that the most original and talented participant of Idol-2010 Linnea Henriksson is finally back right before the start of a new season.
Last autumn we've come from "wondering what this nice jazzy girl will show us" attitude to "it's the most crazy (in all possible senses) mix of talent and originality we've seen on Idol" delight. Linnea was our ray of light every Friday and now she has prepared something really delicious with the first single "Väldigt kär/Obegripligt ensam" that will be released already tomorrow and which is the first track from upcoming album to be out in the beginning of 2012.
"Väldigt kär/Obegripligt ensam" is written by Linnea with not less than Orup and produced by Carl Wikström Ask who was involved in a work on the latest Daniel Adams-Ray's and Veronica Maggio's albums. Result screams to be compared with Veronica Maggio's music but I can't, with Linnea's intimate vocal manner it's something closer to September's covers on Så Mycket Bättre, but it's a one wild and original piece of pop incomparable with anything we've heard in Sweden (it was supposed to be so with Linnea, right?). You can check full version of single below.

Lyssna: Lyssna på låt nummer ett!

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