Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fredrik Kempe and his biggest melohits

Fredrik Kempe is one of the most popular and successful Melodifestivalen songwriters, every single year his songs participate in the contest and at least one of them becomes hot public favorite.
It all has started back in 2004 when Fredrik has entered the contest performing his own song "Finally" that reached Second Chance round and has ended up with three winning songs ("Hero" (2008), "La Voix" (2009) and "Popular" (2011)). 17 entries during 7 years (he has missed 2006) but we don't have a doubt that after "Popular" success this number will get bigger in the next season.
This week Fredrik has performed potpurri of his most successful hits with Stockholms Musikkår Tre Kronor at Allsång på Skansen, I bet many melofans was wondering how these songs will sound in songwriter's version so here they are - "Manboy", "Hero", "Hope & Glory", "Moving On", "La Voix" and "Popular".
One week ago Eric Saade was at Allsång på Skansen and you can check his own version of "Popular" below.

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