Friday, August 5, 2011

Anders Fernette - The One And Only

Anders Fernette is ready to release new single and do you think it's gonna be one of the tracks from his album "Run" that was out just in March?
No, it's a new track and at the same time the one you've heard many times as it's a cover of Chesney Hawkes' "The One and Only" previously covered among others by Star Pilots.
Anders explains this choice by success of his "Hungry Eyes" cover, many people asked him to make another cover of classic hit and here it is.
Comparing with Star Pilots' version it lacks that heavy beat in the verses having quite nice synth layout instead and chorus goes not less strong and rockier in Anders' familiar style. Another lovely version of this great hit, well done Anders!

2 коммент.:

Oswald said...

Written by Nik but sung by Chesney Hawkes?

Damian said...

Damn yes! :))) My brain has left for a weekend already. Thank you Ken :)