Sunday, August 7, 2011

SOJO - I Remember

If you remember when I told you about the latest Lucky Twice release "Love Song" year ago I've mentioned new pop-duo Twisters consisiting of Lucky Twice's Sofie and her brother Johan. Since that title of the project was changed to SOJO and band presents new single "I Remember" this summer.
"I Remember" is written and produced by brothers Von Der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan - team behind previous September's albums and Lucky Twice's music and it feels like crossover between Lucky Twice's songs and Romanian dance trend of 2011, it's sweet, catchy and melodic.
When someone has mixed it with the sample of Inna's track it has got a huge attention in web and currently guys get more and more interest being invited to some events outside of Sweden, this week they performed at Pride and you can check it here.

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Anonymous said...

On the contrary these Romanian motives spoil the song.