Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Le Kid - We Are the Drums

Le Kid presents new (fifth!) single from upcoming album "Oh Alright" and this time we're delighted to say it's our most favorite track - "We Are the Drums".
Since Le Kid's arrival band had a hard fight for its future in Sweden, all of Le Kid's hit-strikes were pretty tough and a new album looks like a one big pop-gem and it's gonna be out just in two weeks (yes, we said it like thousand times but it was postponed again and again and though band has 6 tracks more as potential singles before album release we do hope "Oh Alright" will be out in September).
"We Are the Drums" is a real pop-dynamite exploding from the very beginning of the track, flirting with a listener in a verse and growing to a huge sing-along chorus of recognizable Le Kid's ultra-sweet style but at the same time incomparable with any other band's tracks. It was born to be a hit and we keep our fingers crossed for it to happen!

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