Sunday, August 7, 2011

Last summer of Alcazar

Yesterday was really tragical day for Alcazar's fans. Band was giving their last performance at Stockholm Pride before freezing the project for an indefinite period.
Not to dramatize it too much Alcazar's members don't say they are breaking up completely and they don't deny possibility to perform in a close future if some huge foreign TV-show will ask them but they stop working on new music for now and will concentrate on their own careers - Andreas in musical, Lina on TV and Tess doesn't seem to have any big plans.
Though we can't enjoy whole Alcazar's set yesterday in a quite good quality we still can read interesting report about it on fabulous Schlagerboys blog and check band's visit to Lotta på Liseberg earlier this summer and (like they always do) Alcazar gave 100% of joy, life and disco every time they were out on the stage.
Let's hope it won't take too much time before next glorious comeback of this truly legendary pop-band.


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