Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New leaks from Ulrik Munther

Three new songs from Ulrik Munther's debut album has leaked to youtube and these tracks are probably the best ones from what we've heard!
Comparing with previously presented tracks these ones sounds less radio seeking and on the other hand are exactly that individual sort of song creating music image of artist which use to be good enough to be wasted on singles (when album is solid in common).
"Kill For Lies" is rock-ballad, strong and emotional with really goosebumps-giving growth till the end of the track.
"Fake It" is explosive pop-rock track that you probably would better expect from Brolle, The Moniker or Sebastian but Ulrik does it not worse than any of them could.
"The Box" starts with a heavy beat of Ryan Tedder's ballads opening in very hit-sounding chorus, very qualitative and adult track.
It's all gorgeous stuff and when now we have only two not heard in studio version tracks (though you can find "Heroes In Defeat (Change your mind)" in live version here), we can confidently say that the album is gonna be a bomb!

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