Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bekker - Right On Time

Roads of Johan Becker and Star Pilots have diverged few years ago soon after a big breaktrhough with some big hits like "In the Heat of the Night", "Higher" and Chesney Hawkes's cover "The One And Only".
This year Johan has started working on his solo-career as Bekker. To our great pleasure first single "Runaway" that was written by such a great names like Didrik and Sebastian Thott and Sharon Vaughn has become a great dance-record in a vein of Agnes's "Release Me" (Sharon was one of songwriters behind "Release Me") but still with Johan's vocal leaving a feeling of a new Star Pilots's song.
Now we get another single "Right On Time" and again it's absolutely brilliant dance-track but this time Star Pilots's dramatical verse's line meets pure joy of Timoteij/Suzzies orkester's "Dansar i månens sken". Listening to the track you can catch yourself on a thought about lack of that recognizable beat template that appears in all Star Pilots's songs but at the same time it gives a nice refreshing effect to a whole concept.

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Anonymous said...

Обожаю такие духоподъёмные песни, здорово. Жаль, что он ушел из группы.