Monday, August 1, 2011

Danny in Liseberg

Yeah, I know I've missed few episodes of Lotta på Liseberg and I will tell you what's interesting you could watch there tomorrow or on Wednesday but my heart has just exploded when I was watching at Liseberg singing Danny's "In The Club" together, something incredible! I have now words... No, I have - you can also check Danny's performance of "Tonight" and public reaction was MASSIVE as well!!!


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Anonymous said...

Damian, it's so obvious that you are his biggest fan!!!His is not Boccelli for God's sake...just a random guy, with an average voice who competed in swedish Idol, like many other did and now is well known because of his extra commercial music.As I said nothing special!

Anonymous said...

1 step to win MF.. beсause of it people singing with him, support him.. people have hurt him by 2nd place on MF and now "asking for forgiveness"

JudgeG said...

I met Danny last Saturday night at Pride Park - he is a lovely guy and so approachable. Plus he is about 10 times better looking in real life!