Monday, August 1, 2011

Rockbjörnen-2011: candidates

Rockbjörnen-2011 candidates are revealed this year and you know what I think looking at Best male category? Seems like Swedish girls audience's getting more powerful and wilder these days, when Eric Saade, Danny, Ulrik Munther and Ola (honestly I sent my vote for Danny, yes, but...) are best male artists of Sweden seems like it shows that this category (of young pop-chaps) gets loads of commercial potential these days in Sweden, will next Melodifestivalen get pop-guy vs. pop-guy next year again?
Alright, moving to other candidates - Tove Styrke, Veronica Maggio, Takida, In Flames, Ola, Eric Saade and Ulrik Munther have gor two nominees. We're personally glad to see September, Eric Amarillo, Dead By April, Roxette, Adele and Jedward in nominees as well (Tokio Hotel again? They've won two of last year's nominees. Have they even released anything since that?). Though there's loads of commercial pop it absolutely doesn't mean it will win (m)any categories but you can affect it voting here.

Best male artist
Danny Saucedo
Eric Saade
Håkan Hellström
Ulrik Munther

Best female artist
Lykke Li
Tove Styrke
Veronica Maggio

Best group
Hoffmaestro & Chraa
The Ark

Best breakthrough
Daniel Adams-Ray
Eric Amarillo
Jailbreak Academy
Tove Styrke
Ulrik Munther

Best hardrock-act
Iron Maiden

Best metal-act
Dead By April
In Flames
Linkin Park

Best Swedish song
Eric Saade "Popular"
In Flames "Deliver us"
Mando Diao "Down In The Past
(MTV Unplugged)"
Ola "All over the world"
Veronica Maggio "Jag kommer"

Best foreign song
Adele "Rolling in the deep"
Chris Medina "What are words"
Jedward "Lipstick"
Lady Gaga "Born This Way"
Tokio Hotel "Hurricanes and Suns"

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