Monday, July 11, 2011

Stella Mwangi ft. Mohombi - Hula Hoop

Mohombi is here, Mohombi is there...
Weekly Mohombi update, guys! This year's Norwegian representative Stella Mwangi has released lovely album "Kinanda" that's going to please fans of her African rhythms and has turned her music direction to more dancey comparing to previous hip-hop album, it's quite worthy for everyone who liked her grand single "Haba Haba".
One of the tracks guests is our beloved Mohombi.
"Hula Hoop" is absolutely adorable compromise between Stella's recitative manner verses and Mohombi-style catchy choruses. Both artists has amazing talent to create utterly infectious tracks so I warn you - "Hula Hoop" is gonna get deadly stuck in your head. Think twice if you're gonna risk to listen to this song.
Regarding other news - earlier we told you about Mohombi's fantastic leaked track "In Your Head", recently another version "In Your Bed" has surfaced, it's got more dance but easily recognizable RedOne new sound. It's regularly uploaded and taken down from youtube so you should google if you want to check it.

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