Saturday, August 13, 2011

All about Tove

Tove Styrke has taken part in Aftonbladet's series of virtual concerts Livelöpet, now three songs gig is out on the site and you can enjoy it below, though it's not the biggest concert you've ever seen Tove has made performance of every song ("High & Low", "Close Enough" and "White Light Moment") quite special and creative.

We've criminally missed the most of what was hapening with Tove this year and right now listening to this set we realize that Tove was the best thing happening in Swedish music last year and the album was one of the best albums of 2010 presenting new electropop-princess Tove as an interesting mix of Bjork, Lykke Li and Robyn under a thick pink pop-caramel shell. All tracks on the album are pretty different, commercial but without any hint on Tove's Idol-background or anything too poppy (maybe except slightly JoJo sounding "Four Elements"). Rumour has it that new album is already on the way and we really hope it won't take too much time. Below you can find some music pieces of Tove that we didn't talk about but which you have to check if you're Swedish pop newcomer or just have accidentally missed.

1. Beating On A Better Drum
2. Stalker In Your Speaker
3. High And Low
4. Million Pieces
5. Chaos
6. Bad Time For A Good Time
7. Close Enough
8. Love You And Leave You
9. Four Elements
10. Walking My Daydream
11. White Light Moment

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Erik said...

Also check out the Thousand Copies series in her YouTube channel.
It is partly a documentary of her tour, partly a unique way to communicate with the fans.