Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tove Styrke - Call My Name

New Tove Styrke's track "Call My Name" has arrived on Swedish radio and if you'll ask me how good is it I'll answer it's as good as debut single from new Tove's album should be!
Last time we talked about Tove (that was actually just a few days ago) we've heard some rumours about new Tove's album but there was no (and there's no still) any official information about it or any details of how "Call My Name" will be released but as the song is here we can expect some goodies from Tove very soon.
"Call My Name" is much tougher than any of previous Tove's singles, it's still dancey electronic pop that is actually very Kylie-smelling, it's a disco on steroids and this time we can say confidently - girl is ready to conquer the pop-world!

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