Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Melissa Horn - Under Löven

We don't use to write about this sort of acoustic pop-stuff a lot but I feel like we ignored this singer too long so it's time to tell you about her.
Melissa Horn is relatively new Swedish artist who has come to the spotlight just a few years ago but has managed to make Sweden fall in love with her calm lovely guitar pop and to give Top-10 to both of her albums. Latest one has got a golden status and was nominated to Grammis.
Third Melissa's album will be out in September and new single "Under Löven" which is already in the top of iTunes chart promises a lot for a new stage of young artist's career. "Under Löven" is quite Sonja Aldén-breathing track, just a bit more melancholic and lacking high notes but we really get this song's charm and recommend it to you as well.

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