Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sanna Nielsen in Christmas tour Stämningsfullt

If you're big fan of Swedish pop and gonna be in Sweden this Christmas you should know that Sanna Nielsen plans new Christmas tour Stämningsfullt around Sweden in November-December, it's gonna be acoustic, very intimate and it's the first time for the recent few years when Sanna doesn't take her friends (Shirley and Sonja), this time only Sanna's boyfriend Joakim Ramsell is going to join her.
We don't know if it means we'll get Sanna's acoustic compilation soon but below you can check how it's gonna sound live.
Did I promise that you won't manage to miss Swedish Christmas pop before I'll get back to news about another season? Here we go!

4 коммент.:

Anonymous said...

The guy next to her is her boyfriend?

Damian said...

Yep, that "baby, she's in loooove" to.

Anonymous said...

I know she said at MF that she is really in love.Look here...I liked this:

Anonymous said...

I've just noticed...isn't he a little bit too tattoed for a normal man?:))