Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Gravitonas' songs in OST "Jag Saknar Dig"

Gravitonas's debut album is planned to be released already this year around October but before it we've got a bunch of songs guys have delivered to soundtrack of new Swedish movie "Jag Saknar Dig".
Soundtrack compilation consists of three songs from SoFo Records' rock-band AiluCrash ("Together", "Turn The Tide (Cilla Turns)" and "Jag Saknar Dig") which are gonna be released as well at their upcoming album in September and three songs from Gravitonas ("One Day", "You're Killing Me", "I Miss You") which can sound quite unusual for those who can expect them to be follow-ups of dark misterious synth-pop we've got used to. All songs have prevailing acoustic rock-ballad sound, they're pretty light by mood and only Andreas' voice won't let you get a doubt that it's not Gravitonas.
We've started this day with a thought that it's not a single stuff but still quite good and finally we think that "One Day" and "You're Killing Me" are really great songs, unexpected for Gravitonas but if you'll forget about original band's style you'll realize how cool these tracks are on their own. Here we've made a small sampler for you to check.

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