Monday, August 15, 2011

Joakim Berg - Det Känns Perfekt (You Might Think)

Kent's vocalist Joakim Berg has provided Swedish soundtrack of new animated movie "Cars 2".
"Det Känns Perfekt" is Joakim's version of Weezer's "You Might Think" that you can hear in original soundtrack and which is also cover of The Cars's old hit.
Track is performed in progressive rock (thanx to Johan for the tip) genre but to our ears it sounds like ABBA goes dansband so it's not what you could expect from Kent's frontman but such a massive commercial machine like Kent couldn't miss oppportunity to make a hit out of this release, right?
Single "Det Känns Perfekt" is released on iTunes and guess if it feels good on iTunes? Top-5 since yesterday!

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Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Nice! Of course this song is very appropriate for a "Cars" film as the original version from a few years ago was sung by a group called The Cars!

Anonymous said...

Tell me how you learned swedish in the tundra?I wanna learn too, but I don't have time to take classes so I guess I'll have to do it by myself.Do u have any tips?Is there something online truly helpfull?Please answer

Damian said...

Honestly I've missed both parts Laura, it's one of those multiple animated movies I put on my list to watch when I'll have a right mood but never atually have :) I like the song more and more, that ABBA feeling wins me over.

We've got some lost tourists from America here, Adrian, they've taught me!

Anonymous said...