Sunday, August 14, 2011

Special music of Veronica Maggio

SVT makes fantastic present to all fans of Veronica Maggio who seems to be incredibly huge in Sweden this year showing 50 minutes Veronica's concert with the latest programme including best hits from previous two albums and loads of new songs from the latest successfull album "Satan i gatan" as the part of "Musik special" project.
Very intimate and pleasant gig of miss Maggio who can seem to be an ordinary girl with a nice voice from the first sight but if you'll take a look a bit closer you'll realize what an interesting and special artist she is. You have a chance to make it watching this show.
Check whole concert here and setlist below.

Välkommen In
Gammal Sång
Alla Mina Låtar
I Staden Växer Inga Blommor
Sju Sorger
Mitt Hjärta Blöder
Snälla Bli Min
17 år
Jag Kommer

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