Thursday, March 17, 2011

My heart is remixing me!

This year we give victory in nomination Best Melodifestivalen remixes pack to... Loreen with mixes to her single "My Heart Is Refusing Me"! It's fine that it was delivered with a small delay, result has become worthy waiting. Three brilliant mixes - dark house-mix from Ali Payami, beautiful trance-mix from Michael Feiner & Eric Amarillo (The Attic) and club stomper from PJ Harmony. Our fave here is The Attic's mix with dreamy piano-keys switching to powerful dancefloor killer track that we've completely fallen for last weeekend in Stockholm.
I also recommend you to check very interesting Loreen's interview taken during Schlagerfiasko's melotrip, in this interview Loreen revealed that "Sober" that was earlier announced as next single can be replaced by another track "If She's The One". We don't care about choise actually because any new step of Loreen's career is gonna be exciting, inspiring and not less than amazing!

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