Friday, March 25, 2011

Axwell - Heart Is King

Swedish House Mafia creative activity doesn't know limits, it's like they never disappear, don't they?
Axwell's releasing brand new single "Heart Is King" on April 4th and comparing with his previous works it feels like a bit new direction, I'm even not sure I could easily guess it's Axwell who stands behind this track.
"Heart Is King" is still club track basing on epic hymn-like tune bringing reasonable bunch of royalistic pathos in heavy club production, starting as electro-intro pulsing in crazy rhythm growing and growing to massive euphoric dancefloor filler.
I should mention as well that I LOVE cover-style and way visualization is done.

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nouvelles tendances communication said...

Hi !
Cool discover, in France we have more and more nudisco artists and we are loosing this agressive touch. Axwell is the perfect middle between dance and loud electro, thx !

Damian said...

I hope this sort of more aggressive sound is gonna be trend of this season and it feels like it really can even in pop-music not only club. So wish you'll get some soon, France can make amazing dance-music.