Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Linda Pritchard goes "Alive"

Release that was awaited by many Linda Pritchard's fans quite long - her debut album "Alive" will be out on March 9th and due to tracklist and what we've heard already it's gonna be brilliant album containing mix of power ballads, r'n'b and rock-vibes and sure loads of pop-tunes from Oscar Görres and other loud names. Weird that single "Fast Car" wasn't included into it but we don't complain as we expect a lot more.
Today Linda has premiered acoustic-version of her latest single "Alive" for readers of Expressen and as you can expect with Linda's beautiful and strong vocal it sounds all sorts of amazing!

1. Glorious
2. Miracle
3. Alive
4. Not even hello
5. Dance your tears away
6. Erase & rewind
7. Rise again
8. Alienized
9. Satellite
10. Crying in the rain
11. Stuck in a riddle
12. On time
13. You’re making me hot-hot-hot (Bonus Track)

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Anonymous said...

You took everything:)

Anonymous said...

Why did you upload this song?It has nothing to do with Linda P album?

Anonymous said...

Ya,that's right!!!!You uploaded the wrong video....Damian,where are u thinking,where is your mind?are u hunting?;;)