Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sebastian - No One Else Could (LED-video)

Another Melodifestivalen background LED-video is unleashed and it's another result of creative activity of schlagerproffs Rickard Engfors for Sebastian Karlsson who's performed entry "No One Else Could" written by Seb with Andreas Alfredsson Grube.
It was Sebastian's comeback that after triumphal quialifying to the final of MF-2007 has gone wrong with leaving at 5th place but it doesn't deny the fact that the song was really good, maybe just to The Ark-ish? And we know that latest The Ark singles weren't too welcome. Or is it Hanna Lindblad's curse of 5th place? Seb definitely should've not taken 4 Hanna Lindblads on the stage, it wasn't right magic to use.

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