Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alcazar and Style open new season of Så Ska Det Låta

Alcazar, how much this band means for Swedish pop fans and what a huge pauses with new stuff their fans should meet. Or maybe they're just too good to be expected too long? However amazing disco-trio has appeared again in first episode of new Så Ska Det Låta season, Tess and Lina already participated in last season but this time girls have arrived to the show with Andreas to fight with another grand band Style. Sure Alcazar are not musicians you should listen about, you must watch and listen to them yourself and you can do it right now checking this link with Så Ska Det Låta show and check few of their performances right below.

4 коммент.:

Anonymous said...

I have a curiosity-do you know what Android is?

Poster Girl said...

Så ska det låta started already? I can't believe I missed that fact!

Thank goodness for Alcazar. The pop world would be so empty without them.

Kida said...

Fun :))

Damian said...

Anonymous, do you mean operating system or something related to Alcazar? :)

PG, this season is going to get some interesting highlights, can't wait to watch episode with Linda Pritchard and Erik Segerstedt!