Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gravitonas - Religious (Video Violence Remix)

Big news for all fans of Alexander Bard. Alexander is going to be involved in next season of Swedish Idol as jury-member replacing Andreas Carlsson who decided to leave but still Anders and Laila Bagge together with Alexander and Pelle Lidell are on board. Does it mean that Alexander is aimed to hunt for some young talents for creating some new exciting music project? However it's gonna be really interesting to follow this Idol-track. Three seasons in a row we had jury giving standing ovations to winners with strong rock-voices but without proper commercial uniqueness to successfully move further after Idol so now we have a chance this situation will change.
Talking about current Alexander's project - Gravitonas, we've got fresh remix video for Video Violence Remix for single "Religious" and though this mix wasn't our fave in a pack, now we like it much more.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

i'm thrilled Alexander is going to be on the panel. should be an exciting season. I am getting eager for new Gravitonas music though... they spoiled us in 2010, so i'm wanting more goodies in 2011!!

Damian said...

Don't we wait for new Gravitonas' music too long? Seems like they've changed direction to East European market and I hope they have loads of new stuff to shoot with.