Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Everybody Dance with Gravitonas & Roma Kenga (in all versions)

Not so long ago I told you about brand new single of Gravitonas and Roma Kenga "Everybody Dance" - result of international collaboration recorded both Moscow and Stockholm studios this winter via Skype communication! As it was announced first country to get release of new single will be Russia and the rest of the world later. Single includes three versions of the song - produced by Roma (we've heard this one before), by Gravitonas and by Adam Rickfors (radio, club and dub version). Now we can check Gravitonas' and Adam Rickfors' (radio and club) versions right here.
Comparing with Kenga's Gravitonas' version is more calm, poppier and disco-version with dramatic tune wrapped in dance-sound reminding BWO-stuff a bit, still very radio-friendly and pack of goodies for Swedish pop-fans. Adam Rickfors' version is massive club-mix with incredibly anthemic start turning to complete club-massacre that we undoubtfully love!
Alexander has also revealed that initially colaboration was planned with Morandi, it hasn't happened but obviously what have come out of their work with Roma really deserves to be proud of and shooting of video of forthcoming hit will be done in Moscow in late April.

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