Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Music melovideos from Brolle and The Moniker

Globen finalists Brolle and The Moniker unleash videos for their melosongs, to be more exact Brolle releases music video and The Moniker - LED-video shown during his live-performance, very nice and funny work with dancing mushrooms and Christer Björkman made by Rickard Engfors. Brolle's video is simple but pretty enjoyable, this is the song that really has grown on us after watching live performance so we give it a new chance, hope you too.
By the way new Brolle's album "Burned by the fire" will be released on April 20th, you can check cover above.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

Sigh. Brolle is very handsome isn't he? It's not the most exciting video but it did keep me riveted.

Moniker remind me a bit of Rongedal... i hope they keep my interest longer than that act did because i really do like both Oh My Gods from MF a lot :)

Damian said...

At least I think that you're gonna get a lot of both Brolle and The Moniker this year, Brolle's gonna b everywhere after release of his album and The Moniker with the third place of the final won't get lost for sure. He promises to come back next year with winning ballad in media :)