Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swedish Angels feat. Charlie King - Swedish Angel

New wave of world's demand for dance music has finally reached Sweden and happily we can find new promising dance-artists those we deliver right to you and one of them is new project Swedish Angels consisting of Denise "DeDe" Lopez and Jennifer Lopez (yep, we also like this name).
Probably you already know DeDe very well, she has started her music career in early 90s as backing singer and dancer with artists like Dr. Alban and Culture Beat. With the help of Cheiron team provided her with hits of that sound they were giving to stars like Britney Spears and N'Sync DeDe has become well-known outside of Sweden and 90s have turned to her one big highlight. In 2003 she has taken part in Melodifestivalen with the song "Someone, Somewhere, Someday" and later it was pretty silent around her before she has come back with new single "Turn You On" bringing her back to the top of chart and finally last year she has released new album "Black Lace & Leather" but solo-career wasn't enough for DeDe to make all her creative ideas come true and recently she has presented new project Swedish Angels - members of project should be hot Swedish female DJs presenting best of Swedish club music to the world, seems like DeDe has found another hot half of the project and you can already listen to new single "Swedish Angel" recorded with Charlie King's vocals.
DeDe has written the song with Niklas Pettersson who worked before with Velvet, Agnes and also has co-written newest Dilba's song "Try Again". "Swedish Angel" is right that sort of club-anthem you could expect from Swedish House Mafia but less aggressive, more melodic and poppier with really charming soft male vocal, very welcome pack for everyone who was waiting so long for new rush of Swedish dance-music!

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Poster Girl said...

You say Niklas Pettersson is involved in something and I'll definitely check it out. It's always nice to see DeDe pop up, too.

Damian said...

We didn't hear any new Niklas' works so long, how cool he popped up getting clubbier than ever though I clearly hear slight Velvet music influences :)