Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fredrik Kempe & Shirley Clamp - Du och jag mot världen

Few weeks ago disc with rare demos of Melodifestivalen was released in deluxe-pack celebrating 10 years of new schlager-era and as we expected it turned to be full of goodies which has started to leak already few years ago though and I think some of them worth separate article like for example demo Fredrik Kempe recording his hit of Melodifestivalen-2005 "Du och jag mot världen" (co-written by Fredrik with Bobby Ljunggren and Henrik Wikström) with Shirley Clamp, finally song was performed with another schlager-diva Sanna Nielsen and has reached the final (Sanna always does) but here we can check how it sounded initially (+ how it did later). Not that it's too different from what we've heard before but definitely Shirley brings her own personality into this track and itäs really interesting to listen.

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Kida said...

Love all versions :)