Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sneak peek at Danny's new album "In The Club"

Samples of new album "In The Club" from melofavorite Danny are out on amazon so here you can get a first taste of it right below.
Album obviously gets much more international sound than previous albums, it's still Swedish pop but Swedish pop of new generation. Danny has made breaktrough internationally few years ago and it feels like exactly that growth on the album that's gonna turn heads of DJs playing previous Danny's hits to his new stuff. I already presented 4 songs of the album before and not once so let's take a look at the rest and it's a killer dance track "Tonight" featuring The Provider on a heavy drive and high tempo in recognizable Danny's style, powerful r'n'b ballad "In Love With A Lover" in "What Come Around Goes Around" style, "Never Gonna Take Us Down" featuring Swingfly - modern pop-song with anthemic chorus and slight taste of "Written in the Stars" and another ballad "Cassandra" - big emotional with slight Disney taste but still it's closer to r'n'b sound. Gorgeous pop-stuff, check yourself!

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Paul said...

hurrah for more danny despite the dreadful cover (as i keep moaning!!) I'm excited to hear this in full. It's been quite the musical year of output for him (and EMD!)