Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vanbot - Make Me Break Me

It's always pleasant to find new names in Swedish melodic electro-pop music as lately we've got sort of lack of new exciting names but feels like we've got one who's gonna get our attention this season as new album of fresh project Vanbot is ready to be released on April 19th when we just get pretty tasty first peak from it - debut single "Make Me Break Me".
Vanbot is project of Ester Ideskog with the help of Sebastian Forslund's production. Ester's alter-ego Vanessa is tougher and fearless Stockholm girl with do-it-yourself attitude. And citing Vanbot's official biography "Vanbot are the songs that loves the synthesizer, lives for the nerv and longs to dance. Plenty of ideas recorded on the cell while biking fast through Stockholm, some finalized in the tiny room with the oversized worldmap where dreams can fly."
"Make Me Break Me" is delicate electropop-song that is more Isabel Guzman than Robyn to our ears with proper uplifting Spring energy flowing with multiple synths and high, a bit Aquaish vocal of Ester. Truly promising debut!
Thanx for the tip to Oswalds Popcorn.

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Poster Girl said...

Oh, this IS a promising debut! Something about her voice sounds familiar, but I can't quite place who she reminds me of (maybe a little bit like Rosanna in parts? Nah, not really)...anyway, hopefully this is just the beginning of many good, interesting songs.

Hofverberg said...

Love it! Love It! Proud of being Swedish. Love how we can produce so good pop songs. Anticipating her album! :D

Oliver said...

Love this too! Seems very promising, thanks again Damian :)
I think I'll talk about her on my blog too ^^

Damian said...

That's true PG, it's something that personnaly I heard in Isabel and Rosanna but in no one outside of Sweden, something really special, electropop-tastic but rare and more precious because of it :)

Yes Hofverberg, you can do it like no one else :) let's hope album won't disappoint!

Oliver, always really glad to discover new artists for my friends so I really like that you love her :)