Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mohombi - MoveMeant

Mohombi's album "MoveMeant" is out to the world and to the moment of the release we've heard already half of tracks which were pretty amazing. Arrived part of new tracks hasn't spoiled impression at all. Warm Carrebean happines of "Love In America", Summerish clubby europop of "Say Jambo", melodic poppy mix of r'n'b and raggaetone of "Lovin", recognizable trumpets of RedOne pop in rhythmic pop of "Do Me Right" and even huge romantic ballad "Match Made In Heaven" in a vein of Avril/Leona "I Will Be". Whole album was produced by RedOne and it clearly feels that album was treated like beloved child, polished and filtered to make fantastic international debut for Mohombi. Recently Mohombi has become opening act for Enrique Iglesias in Montreal and also (a little bit personal) when I was few weeks ago in Paris I was really proud to hear French version of "Dirty Situation" on the radio in one of souvenirs shops, you can enjoy it below with album's tracklist.

1. Bumpy Ride
2. Dirty Situation feat Akon
3. Coconut Tree feat Nicole Scherzinger
4. Love In America
5. Miss Me feat Nelly
6. Sex Your Body
7. Say jambo
8. Lovin
9. Do Me Right
10. Match Made In Heaven
11. Bumpy Ride feat Pitbull

2 коммент.:

Poster Girl said...

This is a very summery album, and it's always nice to have one of those released. Some of it slipped past me on the first run-through, but there are at least a couple songs that stuck ("Say Jambo" among them). Hopefully more will do the same in the future.

Damian said...

Some of tracks were too much rotated in my player so it was pity we've got so small quantity of new songs but at least I've got few (Say Jambo, Do Me Right, Lovin) which are going to be my soundtrack so I don't complain :)