Monday, March 14, 2011

Swedish Stereo is back!

Hej everyone! I've got some happy news for those who thought that this blog has gone after complete silence whole week but it's back! Probably not in a full mode (because I'm still on vacation) but after my trip to Stockholm (and Paris) where I completely hadn't time for posting now I'll be giving you some news that I've missed last days or something that happens right now.
Highlights of last 2 days of my melotrip were meetings with:
- Linda Pritchard who was as sweet as last year and even sweeter (my pic with her wins award as my best pic with melostar second year in a row)
- Kristian Lagerström (songwriter behind MF-winning song-2010 "This Is My Life") who turned to be incredibly interesting, kind and just wonderful person, really hope we'll get a lot of releases from him in future to talk about!
- Linda Sundblad, and if you think you know how charming and sweet Linda is you don't have idea how much she is for real!!! I was lucky enough to get a visit to heart of schlager-universe Lionheart studio, do you imagine?! But to meet Linda I'm big fan of since Lambretta was completely mind-blowing, more mind-blowing was to meet her as good old friend next day on her very nice acoustic performance in Telia boutique with Karl-Ola from The Pusher - very talented guy who produced The Playtones' "The King" by the way.
- Rebound guys who performed their latest single "Psycho" in Globen Shopping mall making crowd of their fans around really wild and revealing to me their album is seriously on the way. Guys were as cool as I always expected, that's actually quite amazing that year before I've met my biggest female fave of Idol-2009 Erika Selin in that trade center and this year it was my two biggest male faves. Can I die happily now? I wouldn't...
Also was really happy to meet my beloved bloggers - legendary Schlagerprofilerna and Poplight, amazing Popdrömmen and new but very informative Schlagerbubblan.
Unfortunately Mf-winning song hasn't become one of my faves and otherwise I've fallen for "In The Club" even more so was sad about result but after visiting rehearsal for me it was obvious Eric will win the contest so it went like it went. I've tried to dance all sadness away few hours later on amazing club-gig where Dilba, Le Kid, Jenny Silver and Anniela have performed their MF and not only songs and I've managed to do it so my trip has got a happy end and I'm back to a regular life with loads of great Swedish music to come to my life for passing right to your ears and eyes!
This story end actually needs some lyrical attachment and I'll make it with acoustic version of Eric Saade's "Popular" and Anders Fernette's "Run". Hope you'll enjoy it!

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Anonymous said...

welcome back!Who enthusiastic you are...So happy and content with all those swedish should have stayed there;)))

Paul said...

Welcome Back! I missed you.

Damian said...

Thanx guys! So glad that you're still with me :)
I'd stay but home's calling, and Sweden was welcome as always so it was great to just be guest and leave to dream about next trip :)

Paul said...


And yay for slow Eric...

Damian said...

Thanks for warm welcome Paul :)