Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sound Of Arrows - Nova (Tiësto remix)

Can brilliance be more brilliant? Well, if electropop-brilliance turns to club-brilliance it's the option. New truly amazing single from The Sound Of Arrows "Nova" gets remix-treatment from one of the biggest DJs of planet - Tiësto and the result sounds exactly as good as you can imagine if you heard original version of track and if you know what Tiësto is about. Best thing about it is that magic tune of "Nova" is all there wrapped in powerful club beats and tons of Summer open-air party atmosphere.
I'll remind you that the single is out on 25th April and contains also whole bunch of mixes from Almighty, due to ones I've heard they sound poppier than Tiësto's mix but still tune makes them pretty adorable.

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