Monday, March 28, 2011

E-type - Back 2 Life (video)

Earlier this year we've got our beloved eurodance-star E-Type back 2 life with brand new single and bunch of enthusiastic plans regarding new stage of music career. Single was quite well commercially received and now video for the single "Back 2 Life" is out. Just like video for "Rain" released specially for UK it's a party video with loads of dancing girls, naked bodies and not so much of Martin, though maybe it's idea to hide Martin's age behind young girls we'd like to get more of Mr. E-Type's charisma and energy that (we know for sure) he has not less than 10 and 20 years ago. Still it's a good colourful party, quite qualitative to sneak into rotations of many European music channels and you're gonna enjoy it without any doubts.

3 коммент.:

Jules said...

I've never seen this cover before, where did you find that? :-)

Damian said...

Hi Jules. I've found it as cover to digital single release in some German shops so I guess it was released as alternative cover there.

Jules said...

For real, it's the cover of the German digital release - just saw it in iTunes! :D

Didn't even know they released it here!
Thanks for the info. ^^