Saturday, May 22, 2010

Style - Love Killer

Not so many bands manage to stay alive 30 years so when it happens it deserves a huge respect. Originally Style was Freestyle and was formed in 80s, getting afterwards a lot of success in 80s participating twice in Melodifestivalen ("Dover-Calais", 1986 and "Hand i hand", 1987) and splitting in 1989. Band came back in 2003 presenting their song "Stay the Night" (familiar title, right?) on MF-2003 but then their activity wasn't really high and last year band decided to fix it releasing new hit single "Vill ha dej, igen" (#2) that helped band to make their album "Vill ha dej igen" #9 in Sweden. After that band decided to return to MF with single "Långsamt", unforunately it was rejected and didn't succeed a lot in charts (#26) but now it's time for a new try with brand new single "Love Killer" that sounds like follower of "Långsamt" with a bit of Roxette's "The Centre of the Heart (Is a Suburb to the Brain)", check it.

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Anonymous said...

I live in USA. Where can I get there CD or download mp3?

Anonymous said...

Dou you knoe if Love Killer available in the UK.

Anonymous said...

apologies for mistyping. I am trying to get hold of Love Killer. I live in the UK