Monday, May 17, 2010

Anders Fernette - Lola

On his long road of music career Anders managed to change names not once, it all started from Anders J. who released back in 2001 few really nice singles like "Oslagbar" sounding like high-level international pop of that time.
In 2003 Anders have transformed into Anders Johansson and took participation in legendary "Fame Factory" that gave Swedish music not less stars than Idol gives recent years. It really pushed up his career and gave him his #1 single "Without You" and successful debut album "If It's All I Ever Do", he released some other Top-10 hits ("When I become me", "If It's All I Ever Do") and second album "When I Become Me" that reached #13, common style of Anders' music was already built then - fresh, uplifting, energetic pop with guitars, Swedish feeling and smell of the best Backstreet Boys' and Westlife works (by the way he was actually singing backing vocals on Westlife's album "Face to Face").
Third Anders' album "Anders Johansson" was released in 2006 but turned into absolute flop on #54 of albums' chart. Later in 2007 Anders has released Heart's cover "Alone" on his own label and again it reached only #42. But next try with single "Ready To Fly" was more successful and the song got to the radio. Soon after Anders decides to change his name to Anders Fernette and career goes up again with Eric Carmen's cover "Hungry Eyes" becoming #5 hit in Sweden and next single "Tell Me Why (So Incredible)" at #16. Time has come for a new single "Lola", it sounds quite different from previous Anders' stuff and goes RedOne direction and soon we'll receive video for this single. You can listen to the stream from Anders' official site below:

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