Monday, May 24, 2010

Måns has found his Juliete

Couple of months ago SVT has started new talent-show "Jakten på Julia" in a search of partner for Måns Zelmerlöw in musical "Romeo och Julia". Not longer after last season of Idol viewing figures of this show turned to great fiasko and didn't meet expectations of channel but what have been started should have been finished and finally last Saturday Julia for Måns was found. Real name of Julia is Lisette Pagler, this girl has come originally from Korea and she actually wasn't newcomer in musical playing in Cats and Jesus Christ Superstar before. Reaching the final Lisette had to meet her rival Frida Modén Treichl in final duel with appearance of Måns himself on the stage and though Frida showed her as really strong individual artist with great skills in singing and choreography Måns looked a bit scared of this strong woman and only playing with Lisette they showed that chemistry and love sparkles that made audience believe in this couple and give Lisette victory. Rightful winner and I also really hope that Frida won't get lost.

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Daniel said...

Great blog! There are not many about Swedish music in English. Keep posting about Mans!

Thanks from Spain!

Damian said...

Thanks so much Daniel! I'll try to post about Måns as often as he will give new interesting stuff to speak about.
This is actually one of the reasons why i started this blog, loads of interesting information about Swedish music is in Swedish and many people have to miss some interesting news because of it.

Alexander said...

No offense to either Daniel or Damian, but there are A LOT of English blogs about Swedish music. ;) Not to mention I had two blogs myself. lol

Damian said...

Could you please give any tips about other interesting blogs about Swedish music Alexander? Maybe I've missed something, I know a lot of pop-blogs mentioning Swedish releases from time to time but to name English blogs writing MOSTLY about new Swedish releases I can name only scandipop. Do you have some yours new active blogs? I'm really interested in reading them. As I understand it's Ajson, right? :)